We are opening the doors to the world of the diamond business for everyone.
We provide the opportunity to invest profitably in rough diamonds.
We warn our customers against dangers and all kinds of pitfalls.
We also consult on all matters related to diamonds.
About us
Diamondo was founded in 2016 in the city of Mbuji-Mayi, the diamond capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
The main a activity of the company is the selection and purchase of rough diamonds with the subsequent resale.
Using our expertise and contacts developed with years of experience, we buy diamonds at investment-friendly prices, export to different countries of the world, carry out high-class cutting and polishing of stones.
Diamondo Investment
The investment program Diamondo Invest guarantees 50% of annual income.

Diamondo Invest includes a full production cycle of 6 stages:
1. Selection and purchase of rough diamonds with investment-friendly characteristics (Mbuji-Mayi)
2. Obtaining a Kimberley certificate (Mbuji-Mayi)
3. Export to Dubai and the subsequent expert selection of investment rough diamonds
4. Diamond Cutting and Polishing (Dubai)
5. Obtaining a GIA / IGI certificate (Dubai)
6. Creation of exclusive jewelry from prominent diamonds (Dubai, Moscow)

Our guarantees
All purchased rough diamonds are subject to mandatory Kimberley certification.
During the selection all rough diamonds diversified into several investment groups.
The cargo is transported by an international logistics company. All parcels are subject to compulsory insurance.


About Mbuji-Mayi
The city of Mbuji-Mayi is the administrative center of Eastern Kasai province, the southern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
As a result of the administrative reform in 2005, the province was divided into three parts. The name Kasai Oriental is preserved only for the central part. The center of the diamondiferous region is Bakvanga.
Mbuji-Mayi is considered the diamond capital of the DR Congo. The main source of revenue for Kasai Eastern Province is diamond mining. Production is carried out mainly by the state-owned company Société Minière de Bakwanga (MIBA).
Today, Mbuji-Mayi is different from other cities of the Congo, because there is almost no classical European architecture inherited from the Belgian colonists. Most of the city is located around Inga Avenue, where the diamond markets are located, and the main business of the city is trading in precious stones.

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